An issue with Niarja system

As we know, Niajra was a connecting system between two largest civilized empires of New Eden. Now, ‘thanks’ to triglavians and their gallente agents from Edencom it is gone. We shall not allow Federation to separate us, and we shall stand together despite their attempts to disrupt our cluster.

I am looking for Imperial representatives to discuss the solution to the emerged problem in a different media to prevent possible gallente and triglavian sympathizers from reading.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

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Niarja fell due to the efforts of Goonswarm wanting to cut off a logistical artery of one of their nullsec adversaries. Edencom forces fought diligently(both seconded Navy and the capsuleer supporting forces from all four empires) against that outcome. Perhaps next time you try to raise a conspiracy, at least try to do so with one grounded in fact.


I am not raising ‘conspiracy’, I am looking for a solution of existing situation.

Next time read the post before replying and maybe you’ll avoid making a fool out of yourself. Maybe.

^I was refering particularly, to this line you put in, Strike Commander. You are the one scrabbling at anything you can reach.

Are you going to deny Edencom has gallente agents?

EDENCOM… Has both Caldari and Federation… agents, what does that make you former Strike Commander… even in the Abyss ravage system of Otanuomi… you logic is still upside down at best…

Hell, it even has Amarr agents.


You’re speaking nonsence. Try again… or better don’t. I am not very keen listening about my logic ‘being upside down’ from someone who doesn’t make any.



I don’t really think it’s entirely fair to blame Goons. Not many people accuse me of being their biggest fan, but it was more than just them. Capsuleers are just not generally good people. Smaller groups, more dedicated to the objective than Goons, did more, with the most common reason being that people enjoy causing chaos and destruction. Capsuleer have the sort of power that almost nobody can be trusted not to abuse and this is the result.

Oh, it was definitely us. There were legitimate strategic reasons for the action1, and there’s a certain school of thought these days that thinks Vily may actually have trolled us into it2, but it was definitely Goon fleets that sealed the deal. Without us, EDENCOM had a chance. With us there… they didn’t.

1. You can, of course, disagree as to whether or not that makes the action itself justified, but the reasons themselves are strategically legitimate. And for the record, yes, I still disagree with the decision and find it absolutely maddening.
2. She didn’t. As much as TEST enjoyed camping the Niarja gates afterward—and they did—Nour Samy is not smart enough to troll anyone, and he’s the one whose alarmed ranting first set things in motion.


The issue still persists, EDENCOM can’t sort it out by itself. I am still looking for people interested in contributing to solution of existing problem. The invitation stands open for Imperial pilots and from now on extended to State pilots as well.

I will correct this baseless assumption because I believe this attempt at disinformation with the purpose of defaming the Gallente Federation not only falls short of it’s intended purpose due to a lack of credibility and creativity, but also insults the memory of the Baseliners and Capsuleers who fought to defend Niarja.

When Niarja was invaded by the Triglavians, the Kybernauts deployed to assist the Triglavians. In response to the Kybernaut deployment, EDI deployed to stop them. At this moment in time, most EDENCOM-aligned Capsuleers were recovering from the overtime they had pulled in Konola, Arshat and Anbald.

I recall waking up, hearing about the invasion of Niarja, being briefed on the strategic importance of the system, making my way there and finding a poorly organized defense force. In response, I usurped command of the fleet from the commander I outranked, reorganized the fleet and began pushing back. During this time, the defending EDI fleet swelled to 138 Capsuleer volunteers FROM ALL FOUR MAJOR POWERS, and system control was pushed back up from 15% to 42%.

The Triglavians and the Kybernauts were not able to hold ground against the growing EDI fleet. The fall of Niarja can be attributed squarely to the fact that the Goonswarm Federation sent a fleet to assist the Triglavians, and the fact that the TEST alliance reneged on their promise to send a fleet to assist EDENCOM.

Due credit is given to Brave Collective, who sent a fleet to assist the defending forces, but their effect on the battle was limited due to two reasons. Firstly, because their command staff did not integrate themselves into EDI’s communication network, resulting in poor inter-fleet coordination. Secondly, because their fleet did not operate long enough. This was not exclusively a problem on their side. Throughout the war, EDI always operated on rotating shifts because we expected that every battle would devolve into a three-day siege. other organizations such as NED, or in this case Brave, did not utilize force rotation, and thus limited their operational time-frame to 6-8 hours instead of the required 72. In the case of Brave, this can be excused because it was the first time they fought one of these battles. In the case of NED, continued failure to adapt can be attributed to stubbornness on the part of their command staff. Regardless of their effect on the battle, the fact that Brave Collective actually sent a fleet to help should be remembered and appreciated.

Having addressed your misremembering of the course of the battle, which I presume stems from the fact that you were not present for the battle, I will now move on to the purpose with which you started this topic. If you believe you have an idea to redress the severance of the gate network between Amarr and Jita, please voice it, so that our allies in the Amarr Empire can judge whether it is worth their time. I will however remind you that thanks to the sweat and blood of Baseliners serving in the four navies, and the Capsuleers that aided them, there is still a route between Amarr and Jita through high security space. Lastly I will add that there are Capsuleer entities such as Red Frog which are perfectly capable of circumventing Triglavian-caused problems for the right amount of currency, whilst the Empress and the CEP work out a permanent solution. Have faith in the authorities and the free market.


No you won’t.

Since when?

You dare to blame Caldari officer like that?

Or more like a derailing attempt to prevent organizing a solution to existing problem.

Here, in public forum? Maybe I shall also send a hard copy to Triglavian Collective? Is that your plan?

“High security space”… have you opened the map and checked it yourself

All baseliners shall now work through Red Frog in your opinion too then? Or did someone forget that our cluster is not just capsuleers?

In other words, Give Triglavians Their Victory And Leave Them Be ?!!

While my loyalty belongs to our authorities, what I have faith in is my guns! We will never fall for Triglavian propaganda! We will never surrender! The war is NOT over until the enemy stands in OUR space!

All enemies of the State WILL DIE!!

For the rest of people who still have Honor and Pride, who can still call themselves Caldari and Amarr, who don’t want to hear such speeches of compliance in sight of invaders, who are not afraid of facing triglavians with their supporters,

I am waiting for your messages.

It’s time to ACT, while cowards sit in their corners and shake from fear!

SHAME to Cowards!
And DEATH to Triglavian collaborators!

And this is why sane people ignore her.


Said a triglavian’s doormat.
You’re afraid of what is coming, aren’t you?

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Where the ■■■■ even were you?

I find it so fascinating that after Ichoriya - Where I can confirm you were there fighting as I too was there helping EDENCOM with logistical support - you fell off the face of the cluster nowhere to be seen…

As more and more Caldari systems came under siege. Systems that I myself fought at and even helped lead EDENCOM fleets from time to time when the opportunity arose.

You wanna know who I saw? @Miran_Tereven doing as she claims and putting in shift after shift to keep fleets organized and moving to help by not only the residents of Caldari systems time, but also Amarrian systems.

And she ain’t even a soldier, not apart of your Navy. She’s just a cargo pilot… A worker.

Miran is a living Caldari hero, as much as she doesn’t want to be - and that’s exactly what makes her hero material. She’s a citizen of the State that took up arms to defend her nation

And you were where… ? Not in any system I was fighting in, I can say that much.

No… No suddenly you just resurface after all the smoke clears, after all the fatigue and casualties and start trying to spearhead some glory seeking plot.


I just did.

Since the moment you posted it.

Yes, because I expect integrity from all Caldari, from the lowest worker to the highest officer.

The CEP and the Empress have already set up a temporary jump freighter network whilst they work on the implementation of a replacement stargate pair.

I open the map several times a day, on account of my work.

I wouldn’t claim that it is impossible for baseliners to do so.

No, keep calm and trust in the Chief Executive Panel.

It would have been good to have them at our people’s disposal during the invasions.

I can not in good conscience ignore someone who has the good of our people at heart, even if she is being a bit mean and not entirely truthful.

I served in the Caldari Navy for three years prior to enrolling in the School of Economics at the Science and Trade Institute.

Defending our nation is the responsibility and privilege of all citizens.


My mistake, was referring more to active profession really. Diana here is a self proclaimed military officer and I barely saw her on the frontlines of this Invasion. And while you have the background, at the time you were doing shipping work

The only context I recall Diana Kim’s name in is bloody madness like this, an “armchair admiral” as some would put it. On the other hand, I’ve personally served with and under Miran in our fight to preserve dozens of systems.

She’s a hero for all people, just by showing up consistently, and her leadership puts her above simply taking up arms to defend her nation.

I’m normally loathe to comment on this subject because of my personal conflicts with NED command’s past decisions. I will confirm this statement to be true and say no more.