Personal Journal of Yohannus - The Fall of Niarja

New Eden Journal Entry No. 1

The fall of Niarja.

The Triglavian Collective has dealt a very heavy blow against the established factions and EDENCOM. There was a time when the trading route from Oris to Jita can be traveled for a short time, however, with the occupation of the Triglavian and their Kybernaut allies has made the passing through Niarja almost impossible. The camping of the Kybernauts and the Triglavian forces near the gates that connect the systems, has become a graveyard of destroyed ships and capsuleer clones. Few has been able to pass this area, a lot has perish in the hands of the Collective and their allies.

In an attempt to do a mission for the Gallente Federation and raise my already negative standing, a friend an I decided to travel to Couster II, to do some agent missions. That time, Niarja was not yet in its final liminality, thus, we were still successful in passing through the conflicted system.

However, I was unlucky on the trip back.

I was aboard my Cruor, a frigate that I was able to build when I got the blueprint from one of the exploration missions I did . This ship from the Blood Raider Covenant is both fast and sturdy, however, upon entering the gate to Madirmilire, I have noticed that my ship was unable to move, when I uncloaked at the gate as I have been trapped inside a stasis bubble created by a webifier. My warp systems are also not functioning as one of the Kybernaut’s warp scrambler hit my warp drive. I was sitting there, defenseless, as more frigates were firing at me. Then a Hecate, locked its blasters at me and delivered the final blow.

As the Cruor exploded, my capsule was hurled at a dizzying speed, and as I have locked on the warp gate, the Kybernaut’s caught me and blasted me to oblivion.

That was the first death I experienced, and as I woke up in Oris disoriented, I vowed never to set foot in Niarja ever again.

A lot has suffered in the loss of Niarja. As one of the busiest Trade Routes in New Eden, its re-classification as a Low-Security area without any CONCORD presence made the travel to Jita a very long pilgrimage. I have experienced this trip and you need to have that patience in order to buy necessary items at a lower price, imagine going through fifty-one jumps from my home system of Minin.

I only hope one day, that the warp gates of Niarja will be safe again, especially to a new capsuleer like me. Or a miracle will happen where trade will spread across the Amarr Empire to Rens or Dodixie, normalizing the prices of commodities across New Eden.

I will write about my exploits soon in this journal. Till then, this is where I will stop.


Yohannus of House Ithildae
Magistratus, Imperio Amarri

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