New empires

like to know if it’s possible to form empires of the pirates clan so us player can play them.

Just go live in NPCNull. Shoot anyone you dont trust. Done.

The pirate factions are peoples of the existing four empires.

Guristas are Caldari exiles: -

Blood Raiders are a religious offshoot of the Amarr Religion: -

The Angel Cartel are mainly Minmatar: -

The Sansha was founded by Sansha Kuvakei, a Caldari citizen who experimented in making borg: -

I can’t find anything about the Serpentis, but I think they are Gallente - I’m sure one of the many “Guardian’s of Lore” can chime in for their history. You’ll find a wealth of information about the factions on that site I’ve pulled from the factions above.

As for playing as them, there’s nothing stopping you. When I first played EVE many moons ago, I was part of The Gurlstas Associates - a player pirate alliance that aligned itself to the ideals of the Guristas. Pick your faction and make a corp. :smiley:

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I think an Empire formed from CONCORD officers fired for taking bribes could be an interesting new Empire.

i would like to see a shield ECM race as a mix of minmatar and caldari.

restrict their mids to make it hard to fit more than one or two ECM without gimping tank

should have 33% level to ECM (25% for the frigate) for caldari but a role bonus reducing range

and either a shield boost from minmatar

NPC NS is very “vanilla” and unreactive, both in terms of player ownership as in Player NS, and AI/NPCs.

Its arguably the “flattest” expanse of the EVE sandbox.

I dont have anything to suggest yet, but it would be something distantly similar to NPC Empire space in HS/LS, but in a NS flavor/mode.

NPC NS, lacking the Player NS options from a player perspective, and HS/LS NPC control perspective, is very inert.

I think there is potential there to make it more dynamic/reactive.

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