Want to know more about faction (mostly pirate) lores...tactics wise

Guristas and the word ‘guerrilla’ are often featured together for example and one of the concord sites claim serpentis paramilitary force is a constant nuisance to the federation.
Also as many know guristas ships are drone focused but I have not seen gurista rats using drones at all.
Serpentis, or Shadow serpentis division from the EVE Sourcebook have been described of using cocktails of boosters to erase unnecessary thoughts and the frentix booster matches such description and also goes with good synergy with blaster equipped serpentis ships.
Well I know i am rambling right now, but the point is… I just want to know more about the combat/naval tactics of factions of eve.

Combat Tactics of the various Races:

The Amarr say: “God says I’m better than you, so just stop fighting back
The Caldari say: “I don’t need a fast ship, I can hit you from over here
The Gallente say: “Just you wait 'til I get in range
The Minmatar say: “Hold on, as soon as I find something heavy I’ll hit you with it

Sorry for the silly reply but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. :grinning:


I approve, worth it.

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