How about guristas faction drones?

because of the upcoming new ships, I was just scrolling through the Guristas LP store a bit and I noticed something that was perhaps long overdue. Why are there no guristas faction drones yet? The main feature of the ships that the Guristas produce is their drone bonus. So in my opinion it would make perfect sense for the guristas to also produce drones.
Gameplay wise I would suggest that the drones do a combination of thermal and kinetic damage. Similar to the augmented and integrated drones from Caldari and Gallente.
An alliance mate of mine said that combined damage types might not be so good, so he came up with the alternative idea of combining the high damage potential of the Gallente drones with the high tank of the Caldari drones.

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Gecko says hi!


nope, gecko drones are not guristas drones. They come from illegal experiments in sleeper sites and nobody knows who did these experiments. (Source: item description.) ^^