Navy Corax

Hey, so i was having a conversation with someone regarding this and we came up with an interesting idea, Haven’t seen someone mention it before.
A Navy Corax:
So we all know the Corax has an epic look to it, literally a missile equipped space u-boat and that’s pretty epic, Now the Navy Corax would be a new version of it where the original lacked:
Drone Capacity

Could it please be added devs?

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I mean they are adding a Corax hull with Drones…but it’s Guristas, not Caldari Navy.

I can’t help but think the Algos would be a better starting point for a navy destroyer drone boat.

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The Caldari aren’t a drone faction. As Malak said, if you want a corax hull with drone bonuses, you’ll have to get the Guristas version.

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