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New Imperial Order Wants you

New Imperial Order is a Faction Warfare corporation fighting for the Amarr Militia and founding member of the New Order alliance. Based in the southern war zone,The New Order welcomes pilots of all skill levels. With a mix of new and veteran pilots we are a perfect corp for pilots new to PvP, alpha clone pilots, and experienced mature pilots keen to help train and develop others. With close ties to the rest of the Amarr Militia, New Order pilots are always welcomed in PvP fleets militia-wide, providing an expansive range of game play and experiences.

Boasting one of the best corp-based jump freight services in EVE, New Order pilots have easy access to assets as well as a well organized corp contract service meaning doctrine ships are always available and only a click away. Clearly defined, battle proven doctrines give pilots a clear training pathway. Doctrine fits start with a basic three-day program that see brand new pilots flying in New Order fleets and being important members almost immediately.

Well known for mature and respectful game play, The New Order caters for pilots in all timezone. Voice comms are via Discord. Our New Order Discord channel is an active and vibrant place for all teams members to discuss ops, tactics, fits and generally look out for each other.

Public Channel: NEW IMPERIAL ORDER Pub
Our Discord:New Imperial Order

CEO: Sgtmaj Grim Reaper
XO: Lord Kahn Black
Logistics: Majgen Grim Reaper
Human Resources: T00NCES

we are still looking for more capsuleers to join the fold.

Our Lord Still Seeks New Pilots To Join The Holy Ranks Of New Imperial Order.

daily bump

if your looking for lots of content u found the rite corp come join us

come fly with us for some fun

more people joining everyday

for the empire

bump to the top

join up now and have some fun.

what is going on around here.

we still need some pilots to come help us take back amarr fw.

We are back open and looking for new members

Blast from the past, If u want an awsome group to fly with join them!!

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