New Gallente Player Looking For Corp

I’m a new Gallente player…started with a referral code so I have a good bit of skills points to spend I think? Still just progressing my way through the career agents. I’m looking to find a good corp to get started with. I don’t need to have my hand held all the time but I’d love to find a corp where I can get questions answered and have some guidance so i don’t waste a ton of time and ISK at the beginning. I’m interested in pretty much all aspects of the game (pvp/pve, business, industry, exploration, etc) so I’d prefer not to join a corp that is fully invested in just one style of play. Idk if any of that helps but if you know a good fit just let me know.

White Fang Militia may be what you’re looking for! We’re a UK based corp, just moving out to a new area of nullsec where there’s plenty of ISK to be made, and PvP training and content to be had. Be More Wolf! [EUTZ] if you want to know more.

When you reach 5mil SP please take a look at our Corp.

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