New Hi-sec Coalition: Looking For Alliances & Corps To Help Build

“Insert Coalition Logo here” Coalition Logo Creation is pending

Have this instead for the time being \o/

The Tel Megiddo Coalition

About Us:

  • We’re a brand new Coalition, based in the Enka pocket, in the Devoid region (Amarr Space)

  • Teaching New Bro’s how to die together, instead of alone

  • Whipping any IT person we find and making them slaves, because they’re subs and love it

  • An F.C. with a thick Nordic accent

  • Resident hospital ward monkey who consistently complains about things

  • Men with thick, musky voices and beards

  • Resident killmonger who doubles as an attack dog, she’s feral, approach with caution

  • Local spotify spammer who insists on you listening to his music

What we offer:

  • Free ships for PvP, and Industry based things (ask your Alliance CEO)

  • A fleet based atmosphere, where we can teach people who’re looking to learn

  • Experienced atmosphere for all skill-levels to learn from

  • Industrial structures for maximum repro | copying | invention | reaction etc

  • German dudes | Nordic dudes | American dudes (we have a lot of dudes)

  • People who explode for no reason (we think it’s because they’re bad at PvP) results inconclusive

  • Random meme’s at 3am because we were laughing at them by ourselves and wanted to share

  • Thick Nordic accents (looking for Thick Scottish accents)

  • All spy positions have been filled by all 2 of our spies, all future spai positions must pass an information collecting test

  • Keep your nudes in the NSFW channel seriously, keep it in NSFW

  • A chance to join our killboard along with everyone else who is screaming

What we’re looking for:

  • Corporations | Alliances that have an active member base in any of the above categories, PvP, Industry, PvE etc

  • F.C.'s and experienced people

  • Content creators | People who work from home | Artists and Media Fanatics | Social players

  • Meme enthusiasts and anime lovers | Generally fun and passionate people

  • Self starters for different operations

  • Must begin the interview with a solid meme

  • No minors, because I’m not paying child support, and the judge can’t make me if I’m in Cuba

  • Salty veterans, because shaking you over my chips makes them taste better

  • Food pictures, because salivating is half-way playing EVE

Contact Us | Links

Recruiters: Discord Tags

  • THE Salty Sailor#7981
  • Dragon Of The West#2856

To initiate a recruitment process, simply join our Discord and scream let me in, let me innnnnnn and then @ one of the recruiters via the bot message

Renaika Verinaisi | HandyDandyRandy | Bin Lo Shang | Shadow Asuna

Discord: Tel Megiddo Coalition ← click me

Our Youtube: Armour Cruiser Fleet - YouTube ← clicky clicky
Feel free to laugh at us, we do it too

Member Zkills:
Zkill: The Jura Tempest Federation | Alliance | zKillboard
Zkill: Syndicate. | Alliance | zKillboard

It’s ya boi, the hospital ward monkey that’s always complaining. What our lovely FC and Nordic voiced (?) leader fails to mention in his lovely recruitment banner is just how much fun we all have both in AND out of game. Here in the coalition, we truly embody the spirit of “everyone’s family” including but not limited to: minor amounts of cyber bullying, estranged and weird cousins/uncles, fights at EVERY gathering, and most importantly, alcoholism. Come join us and learn all the ins and outs you never wanted to know about EVE, our personal lives, our not so personal lives, and bare witness to Shadow’s personal doujinshi collection.

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quality meme’s for recruitment


Pssst, join Megiddo, we do fun things

When you log on to see the kills your boys are doing without you

Why hesitate? Apply now space nerd, our NSFW has more content than a null bears tears about daily living or any change CCPlease rolls out

All this free Beer and free Maidens just lying around waiting on new recruits… If you’re reading this, feel free to swing by and grab a glass and some ass. Who knows, you might join in time to watch Shadow pop a Halalghorn too.

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This may have gotten a little out of hand, guys…

That aside, members of the Coalition are friendly, willing and able to answer most (if not all) game-related questions you have. We have a good mix of new and long-time players in our member corporations and alliances, and welcome capsuleers, corporations, and alliances from all aspects of EVE to join us.

If you don’t mind dealing with a little good-natured insanity, feel free to hop into our Discord and chat with us!

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The indy dudes when I find them things to mine

How new recruits be when they see our NSFW channel :skull:

Screenshot 2021-12-11 101044

When nobody knows you’re secretly running things :skull:

Doing pew pew things