🔥 [T.M.C.] New Null/HS/LS Group Looking For Industrialists | Miners & PvPr's🔥

“Insert Coalition Logo here” Coalition Logo Creation is pending

Have this instead for the time being \o/

The Tel Megiddo Coalition

About Us (click the arrow for information)
  • We’re a brand new Coalition, based in the Enka & Jayai constellation in the Devoid region (Amarr Space)

  • Teaching New Bro’s how to die together, instead of alone

  • Whipping any IT person we find and making them slaves

  • F.C.'s with sexy voices

  • Resident hospital ward monkey who consistently complains about things

  • Men with thick, musky voices and beards

  • Multicultural weirdos

What We Offer
  • Free ships for PvP, and Industry based things (ask your Alliance CEO)

  • A fleet based atmosphere, where we can teach people who’re looking to learn

  • Experienced eve vets for all skill-levels to learn from

  • Industrial structures for maximum repro | copying | invention | reaction etc

  • German dudes | Nordic dudes | American dudes | Asian dudes | Persian dude (singular)

  • People who explode for no reason (we think it’s because they’re bad at PvP) results inconclusive

  • Random meme’s at 3am because we were laughing at them by ourselves and wanted to share

  • Thick British & American accents (looking for thick Irish accents) we found the thick Scottish accent

  • All spy positions have been filled by all 2 of our spies, all future spai positions must pass an information collecting test

  • Keep your nudes in the NSFW channel seriously, keep it in NSFW we don’t want another incident

  • A chance to join our killboard along with everyone else who is screaming or creaming, pick one

What We're Looking For
  • Corporations | Alliances (or pilots) that have an active member base in any of the following categories, PvP, Industry, PvE etc

  • F.C.'s and experienced people (streamers welcome)

  • Content creators | People who work from home | Artists and Media Fanatics | Social players

  • Meme enthusiasts and anime lovers | Generally fun and passionate people

  • Self starters for different operations

  • Must begin the interview with a solid meme

  • No minors, because I’m not paying child support, and the judge can’t make me if I’m in Cuba

  • Salty veterans, because shaking you over my chips makes them taste better

  • Food pictures, because salivating is half-way playing EVE

Contact Us | Links

Recruiters: Discord Tags

  • Dragon Of The West#2856

To initiate a recruitment process, simply join our Discord and scream let me in, let me innnnnnn and then @ one of the recruiters via the bot message

Shadow Asuna | Varzia Ryoko-sha

Shadow Asuna

Discord: Discord ← click me

Our Youtube: Dragon Of The West - YouTube

Members Of The Coalition Zkills:
Zkill: The Jura Tempest Federation | Alliance | zKillboard
Zkill: Pain And Compliance | Alliance | zKillboard

If you’ve got this far down hurry up and join us, we need someone to control the Nordic Frost Elf we have, she’s crazy and she uses a bow made of ice magic.


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looking for FW people to run things with, and industry folk to build the things we blow up

Looking for Corporations, individuals and Alliances to come aboard our growing community of degenerates and suspect group of weirdos.


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Hey Guys
Which Timzone you guys ar mostly online and Fight?

US and late EU predominantly from 1500 - 2300 and there’s a solid presence from 0000 - 0500 daily

sorry for the late reply, been busy with paperwork and IRL

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file 261x195_012049

Our recruiters upon seeing new dudes

file 250x250_002884

Seeing more recruits come in

file 256x256_042101

When the fleet members find a target to kill

file 257x196_013061

file 258x200_009727

When dealing with hot droppers