🔥 [T.M.C.] New Null/HS/LS Group Looking For Industrialists | Miners & PvPr's🔥

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When the wars start

When you state opinions

When you hit null

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if you’ve already clicked here and seen this, hurry up and join us

Square up and join up

Solid Group!!! Been Runnin with them for over a week now. Layed Back and Know their Stuff.

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Good Morning! Looking For Really Any Eve Profession, Miners/Industrialists. We also Do a great bit Of PvP and Pve Combat. Hit us up on Discord! We are Very Active and looking for more to join to hang out.

Still Looking for More Pilots to join our Solid Core of Members! Head over to Discord and speak with Recruiters, Ill see yall in game.

Active Corp Looking for More To join, come Hang out and learn/progress in game

Recruiting Active Players Join Disc and Hang out

Join for fun pew pew

Recruitment is Still Active, Join up and hang out!

Come Hang out in Make Isk

Recruiting Still Active.

Looking for chill folks

Definitely not looking for recruits

Seeing roamers enter our space

Prepping for the TTT’s destruction

When the invaders finally begin their assault