TACF - Null, PvP, PvE, Mining, Industry, Caps, Supers!

Tactical Feed. We’re not great, but we’re funny.

We are a EU/US Laid-back corp based out in Null-Sec within Horde, we are looking to find people who would want to have a place to call Home whilst expanding their capabilities.

We have a strong sense of comradery, from going out in fleets to dropping Capitals & Supers to mining various types of moons and a free logistical service available to Members, we have something to offer for everyone!

We are seeking those who:

  • Wish to be part of a community.

  • Look to expand their combat (From subcaps to Titans!)
    & industry capabilities in Null-sec

  • Wish to sit on coms and have a good laugh with other corp mates.

  • Participate in Horde and Corp related fleets / pankrab / mining

We offer:

  • Rented systems with acess to industry, ratting, mining activities.

  • Various experienced players willing to help

  • Free logistical service from Jita

  • An exceptionally strong industrial backbone

  • Access to a Supercap Umbrella

  • Access to Rorqual / Marauder / Capital / Super Capital SRP (PVE / PVP - Alliance Level)

  • A solid group of friends.

If you wish to join feel free to PM Nahtsu

Join our In-game channel “TACF Public” or join our Discord! Tactical Feed.

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We’re still going at it =)

Feel free to jump into our recruitment channel

We’re still growing and recruiting

Feel free to drop a PM or join the Public channel!

I’ve been a long standing member of this corp, would be thrilled to chat with anyone looking for a good group to play learn and YEET with!

We are still recruiting!

Door is still open! We just got 20 private moons!! Join us make isk get killmails. Live the meme!

Lots of moons to mine =)


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