New highsec industrial corporation

UAC Industries is a brand new corp forming in High sec. Formed by Achilles with over 8 years of corp & alliance leadership experience.

The corp will be focused on the industrial side of EvE with mining, manufacturing and PVE the main focus initially.
Be a part of the building process, lets build something great…again!

What will UAC offer pilots,

  • Laid back enviroment
  • Content
  • Mining boosts
  • Freighter and Jump Freighter support
  • Access to a huge catalog of heavily researched blueprints
  • Discord server for comms

Time to build something rare in EvE. Contact Achilles01 in game or join our public channel in game @ UAC.I

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I can fly a shuttle, got a place for me?
Seriously Folks I’ve flown with Achilles before and was always impressed with his cool demeanor. Great guy to have for a CEO and I’m sure he’ll build a great corp to be in.

friendly bump

Come along and help to build something fresh and new…

What is your main TZ/Activity Time?
When you say small… how small?

Are you stil actively operating?

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