New home for bitter vets! NO BLUES! PVP/PVE


Tired of politics, grinding, PAPs, mandatory fleets, blues and other BS? Fear not Capsuleer, IED is exploding with amazing content!

We are a C2 WH corp with a null sec/c5 static. That means all the PVP and PVE content your heart would desire. Our corp is made up of long time eve players that know how to have fun, and also understand that RL always comes first.


  • A static null which can take you anywhere in the game so there is never a shortage of content.
  • Access to the best PVE in the game.
  • No mandatory fleets
  • No mandatory doctrines
  • No drama
  • No blues

You may have seen some of us before, but in case you haven’t check out some of our recent work…

Friendly save!

Super kill

Tinky Kinky!!

Hit up our discord today to learn more!

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