New independent null sec alliance recruiting pilots & corps [DDOS.]

We are a new Null Sec alliance looking to carve our own little space in eve.

We believe that EVE is most fun when you have goals and aspirations to work towards and a good group of friends to help you achieve them!

Everyone is expected to join in with PVP but we also have a solid setup for ISK making to help you gain wealth and have fun.

We can offer:

  • friendly, mature & experienced group
  • Good FCs and a focus on PVP
  • Null sec isk making - ratting/moon mining/explo + buyback service
  • Limited “blues” so plenty of people to shoot!

We are looking for:

  • Overall focus on pvp (we are not interested in Care Bears)
  • Understanding of how to live safely in Null Sec. if you are a returner or new to PVP we can teach you but we are not looking for NewBros
  • Multiple chars is preferable but not necessary (dread/tackle/faux/dictor alts)


Interested? Follow the Discord link below or mail/message Rakkin in game.


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