New Launcher per Daily Logins and play now button

I’ve noticed that with the new launcher, you do not need to go into the account, and then select the character; you simply choose the character from the list from the launcher and it logs you into that character when you click the play now.

Firstly, at least with the winter nexus event, the ‘play now’ button feels hidden/like a clickable ad button (for ex: to create a new account, “visit store to learn more!” type clickables, even though it says play now)
-For this button, I would recommend making it seperate from any sort of flashy event images, and have the button more clearly a ‘play now’ button and possibly move it to a corner to make it more visible, rather than kind of in the middle of the page.

Secondly, since clicking ‘play now’ takes you directly into game rather than into a character selection window, the daily logins box does not pop up right away at entering game. [I realize this may be a temporary issue that is intended to be fixed when the forced updating happens].
-In my opinion, when you log into the game with this method, there should be a popup window for daily logins, or possibly be put in the ‘opportunities’ window at the top, such as how the active and pending tabs are at the top.
*Edit: Yes, i know/see that this can be changed via the account settings tab of the mini launcher side, but a new player wouldn’t know necessarily how to/why to switch this to go to character selection.

Since the new launcher is now the standard for new installs, I feel that a lot of new/returning players may be missing this opportunity.

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