New Locater Service


Kicking off the New Locater Service for New Eden. The price is 6 mil per locate. New admin who currently play.

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If you can’t even spell ‘locator’ correctly then you don’t get to run this service.

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Should post this in Services sub-forum.

May you have good luck and much success.

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The locator services is also pretty broken since all the changes. They come back with Pilot in space but in reality he is logged of in a Citadel. And it is also useless if you do not know if the person is logged on or not.

With 2-4 hours (depends how you prepare) of work using the Caldari COSMO missions you can get your own level 3 locators at any Caldari faction.


That is a good point. They really should at structures to the locate service.


necroing your own thread as advertisement…
Advertising for a service that a) doesn’t really work too well these days, b) isn’t that useful these days, c) is is in the wrong forum and d) is hilariously overpriced.

Back when the old channel was still alive we generally did it for 1 mil or so, I and many others were always happy to help others out if my locators were off cool down.

Wrong forum, mostly useless “service” and hella overpriced.


moved to a more appropriate forum

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