New market update potential economy collapse

Real isk as in you didnt buy some plex with real money and sell it for isk lol.

If that’s the definition, then I’ve already met it when I first started playing by selling Trit on the market back in 2014. I’m sorry your fragile little ego cannot handle someone being richer than you so you must come up with lies like this to convince yourself that you’re still a winner.

I don’t know about these new taxes, but I adapted I play another game these days.

I keep eye on the forums but not a lot tends to happen here of late. But as the game is at present and the state of the market, I don’t have any plans to return anytime soon.

So long as there are lazy sellers and impatient buyers the market will function.

Also its obvious again that eve players never play other games, since the fees on auction houses in other MMOs are far more extortionate than the current eve fees and still function.

So EVE players never play other games, well that’s a surprise.

I used to have 3 MMOs on the go including EVE at one stage, I’m sure there are many other players out there that play more than one game. It also depends on how much time you have for playing, I can easily do 16 hours a day if I so choose. Plenty of time to play more than one game.

The way i see the market updates is it shows EvE has a bot problem and is now incapable of dealing with it without harming legit players at the same time.
You seriously can’t help but laugh that the people running EvE that thought watching what you have for sale diligently and countering market orders throughout the day to increase your maximum profit makes you a bot. Also by playing so much you are now a problem and it is almost better you don’t play at all then play as much as you are.
Seriously you can’t tell by now there isn’t less market activity, you can’t tell you ran the prices of things to where they were at least 5 years ago?
I have never seen the “shotgun” approach to solving problems work in any game where punishing everyone because you are incapable of solving a problem has ever worked successfully. I also would like to say it shows a whole lot about your thinking when this is your ultimate solution.

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I didn’t compare the EVE economy to the global warming crisis. I said the baseless naysayers react the same way in both instances. With the passing of time and the accumulation of obvious evidence in one case the dogmatists were forced to change their tune. So will it be in this case. An actual reading of what I said would have revealed this…almost like magic!

EVE most seriously has a bot problem. There are also some serious holes in the market interface. But, since the real talent was fired and replaced with marginal performers, you’ll be waiting from nigh on to doomsday to see finally nothing done about this.

Welcome to the corporate mentality trying to develop a game. What you end up with is a bunch of shinies for sale for real money, and a whole lotta, “Just let it slide. They’ll get bored and drop the whole subject soon enough.” AND, guess what. We do.

If you sell items that are drops from like exploration where the sales are only 1 or 2 items a day or days then it is highly unlikely you will ever be able to sell anything or you will be relisting it a stupid amount of times to sell it, because the other people won’t be selling any.
It basically deincentives wanting to play at all, not being able to really sell anything anymore and if you do, you are making substantially less than before.
This whole concept is around items that have large demand but completely overlooks items with small demand.
I have seen some things i would view as bad changes, but this is by far the worst of all changes I have ever seen so far.

There has never been a time in the history of this game when selling mining products was profitable EXCEPT by when you are mining under a cap umbrella.

Hardly impressive.

I have been here since 2008, 4 years since inception. I participated in the actual war between BOB and Goons. I’ve always lived in low sec, and there’s a reason you’ve never seen all three of my alts on this account.

You’re trash, you’ll always be my inferior, and I came back not long ago to make myself rags from riches because I KNOW THIS GAME better than you do.

You will always be some “employee” of an Alliance, that makes you look smart, and good, at something your’e not.

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Your comparison goes a little further.

But you’re only a dogmatist if you’re wrong right?

Similar to Teckos_Pech (another very smart economist) you’re thinking of what happens in a real economy. You’re not thinking of an economy where: everyone is self employed or works on commission. Can build cars with stuff they find in their back yard. Don’t need to eat. There is no cost of living. Oil respawns daily. Housing and storage is infinitely tall. Nothing expires or rusts. People print their own money.

Eve doesn’t experience crises like reality does. It just re-equilibriates (if that is even a word).

Sugar_Smacks has it right, where specialist items become difficult to trade. And that’s why he should start networking. But basic items will still be mass produced and see trade on the market.

What does that look like? A shift to T1 meta and incentive to build and maintain relationships with specialist traders and 3rd party services. (bring it on!)

But eve doesn’t do the great depression or the ‘potato famine’ as one person feared.

Look to smack down the OP of this thread.

I came back to Eve like a year ago now? I started with 50m isk.

I have had NO problem going from Pi industrialist to market trader during all this supposed market crash.

There is no economic crash…obviously

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By the way, I see you typing. I don’t know if you’ll read all my tripe, no matter.

I just made 1.2B on someone else’s mistake in the market and and currently exploiting it piecemeal to make sure I get my profit from it…

I see things, Chobo…you’d do well to stop seeing the “limits” of my questions and start seeing through them to the game-breaking mechanics I constantly search for.

Strangely, you’ve never once delved deeper into just HOW I make 418 P4 per 30hours…you’ve always written it off.

and what were the listing fees for their auction houses?
and which gave you the ability to adjust orders period, let alone every 5 minutes

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Update, I’m loving the cheap prices of so many items on the Jita market. Everything is so affordable. If this is what the OP was talking about the broker’s fee changes leading a “potential economy collapse”, can we get more of it?

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