New mining/industrial corp. may be doing pvp later

dear reader of the eve forums,
you have found your way to the tread i have posted.

we are a new/noob corp looking for new members (2 so far, including me). we handle very low taxes (aprox. 3-4%)

this is my first try at being a ceo so feel free to give me some handy tips on the matter

fly safe,
Captain Rex Evingod

btw: the name of the corp is The Grand Army Of The Republic (TGAOT), and if you look at my name you may find some starwars references

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Hello @captain_rex_Evingod,

I applaud your difficult beginnings and wish you well on your EVE endeavors. When you decide to cross over to either JSpace or possibly PVP, please give us a shout out. Join our Discord and we will talk.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known!

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