New Pilot Experience is a crime

The NPE / AIR Capsuleer Training Program is not the best way to train future capsuleers. AIR’s research and development programs may not replace proper traditional capsuleer training.

For that reason I offer the following bounty:

30768_641.000.000.000 ISK Mission Reward
to the best video that explains the basics of navigating New Eden in 10-30 minutes.

Topics to be included could be for example:

  • Navigating ship
  • Overview
  • Locking targets
  • Travelling systems
  • NeoCom
  • Fitting ship
  • Using market
  • Chatting and player interaction
  • Mining
  • Basic combat
  • Basic history about empires

All submissions must be posted in this thread and the winner will be decided by a public poll or by the undemocratic, very insecure way whoever get’s the most :heart: on their video, depending on number of submissions.

Rating includes:
Lenght of video → the shorter the better
Quality of information
Quality of visual content
Quality of audio

Videos can be submitted until March 10th.

If you want to add ISK donations you are welcome to do so

o/ Komi


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This is the most important skill to train in New Eden.

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I’d start with teaching noobs something simpler…

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