New player, 5m SP Omega, Looking for PVE (mainly)/ PVP corp

Hey there, right now i am really interested in the PVE aspect of the game, would love to do regular Incursions, Trig hunts, L4 missions, Abyssals, ratting of all kinds etc… with ocassional small PvP roams, preferably with HQ in Minmatar space, all my stuff is there and got good rep with NPC corps, is there any such a Corp? Thanks

Eclipse Strike Unit

We have grown over the last couple of months to a small community of eager pilots, willing to teach and learn PvP in Wormhole space.

We live in a C2 C5/NS allowing us PvP content from both worlds, this also means we have PvE content from Both Worlds.

We also have corp Projects that allow us to reward members for doing certain things within the corp.

We provide the following :

  • Experienced PvP
  • Experienced FCing
  • Black ops opportunities
  • Ways of making isk to support PvP
  • Regular Content.
  • Community and a welcoming environment.

What we Expect in return:

  • Willingness to learn
  • Respectful but bantering attitudes
  • Microphone, headset, and coms

Join our Discord for more info Eclipse Strike Unit

Hey, take a look at us:

LV 4 Missions with Sisters of EvE
PvE & Industry in High Sec
Soon small gang FW :slight_smile: