New Player Advice

TLDR, don’t join any of the mega corps as a new player; ignore everything you read on the forums and reddit to “jOiN a cOrp”. Figure it out your own play style and career path in high sec then make your own choices.

I started in late 2018, quit after 2 days because the WTF that UI was complex, then proceeded to uninstall the game. I later decided to do my research instead and figure out what this game is exactly. Forums, reddit, youtube, EvE University; I was lurking & learning hard.

After a couple months I surfaced in early 2019, deleted the character I had and started over. I applied to a few of the popular corps, a couple with some long, drawn out application procedures and a couple that pretty much accept everyone. I joined the first one that accepted my app, and thought hey cool, I’m on track. Little did I know.

I left after 2 weeks; then was contacted by 1 of the recruiters, who made a reasonable case that I gave up before even trying.

I decided to create a pvp alt, because that’s what the forums said, rejoined the corp, and left after 2 months lol. It’s not my style, wish you guys the best.

I continued on my path and spent the last few months training a high skilled alt to be able to fly covert ops, T3D and T3C right up to T1 battleship. Pro tip: Download EvE-Mon.

In that time, I’ve been tooling around in highsec, lowsec and wormholes solo, watching the madness that occurs in eve online, while looking for a corp I feel is a good fit. Unfortunately I feel like I’m being blacklisted from any decent corp, or their opponents, and have been unable to join any other corps because I made the mistake of joining the wrong one very early in my game.

3 corps & alliances, and 2 coalitions, have turned me down, because, YoU uSeD tO bE wItH tHoSe GuYs even though I have a squeaky clean rap sheet (killboard).

Meh, had to get it off my chest. Fly Smart, Fly Safe o7.

Yeah, sounds advice. The anonymous megacorps shoehorn you in only one super niche gameplay (nullsec) with little choices and no autonomy (unless you have at least 3 accounts).

The blackout clearly showed, there is not much to do in nullsec beside ratting and mining. Everything else does not require you to live there.

That is exactly the reason they turned you down. You have nothing to show but two losses. Get a few dozen solo kills and they will let you in.

…I very much disagree with this.

At least consider joining eve university.

Perhaps this might help:

Unfortunately you’re incorrect. I’m not a pvp focused player (which is why my rap-sheet is clean) and neither were these corps & coalitions I applied to. They all got hung up on my brief membership of an anonymous mega corp; each and every time I have to tell the whole long story and they’re like nah, you could be a spy, sorry you can’t join. Even industry & pve focused corps need combat capable characters ya know.

Thanks for the tip; I’ve read that article quite a few times and it’s helped, even if it’s just figuring out what I want to do. EvE Uni was one of the corps I applied to months ago actually, I just didn’t hear back from them until after I joined the other. Seems like a pretty decent group, but I honestly hadn’t looked them or applied since that first time.

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