New Player LF Military Style Corp


I’m a very new player. I’d like to find a corp to learn in, mostly PvP and PvE and how to fund those enterprises. I’m USTZ and in the military, looking for a corp with a rank structure that functions in a military type structure. I’m sure this a bit niche.

Hello if youd like you can join us here at minds of murders we focus on pvp/pve and always have been! We dont have the military structure but maybe you can help us implement it join our discord for more info Hey, come talk with me in this Discord server:

Hey solider! Grimm Hounds will break you down and build you back up! Only one rule in GriMM - Everybody fights! Nobody quits! or ill kill you myself!..

USTZ Corp, 13 yrs of structure and exp - PvP all day erry day Well placed noob training program!. Come to your new home. Our In game channel GriMM Public

We dont have a military structure so you dont have to call me sir, Your Majesty will do well enough. We are laid back with plenty of null fleets and rocks to shoot. Check out our Reddit Ad or join us ingame chat SFFSPUB

Check us out over at War Eagle Fleet. We’re building a PVP-based corp where you can actually make real friends and build lasting connections. We are part of SLYCE, situated in Etherium Reach and have numerous isk earning systems and PVP opportunities. There are also lots of opportunities to grow into a support or leadership position.

We are in an excellent place, but are rebuilding after the long SOV war between WC and TEST. We’re a great team though and we have excellent connections and fleet opportunities.

Our structure has not traditionally been exclusively military-style, however we are an evolving corp and are shifting to be primarily PVP.

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