New Player looking for a corp

Hello. I am a new player(Omega status), I played a game for around a month and a half. I mostly did exploring in nullsec(I have covert ops frigate)I have minimal experience in PvP. I am looking for newb friendly corporation, null sec/low sec, with nice atmosphere. I am not interested in huge megacorps, I want to actually met some people and learn the game.


below my corp advert. I am starting up my own corp with the goal to stay small and have a friendly atmosphere. Maybe you could be a good fit for us?

We are the devil’s own and we are looking to expand our corp. If you want to focus on lowsec pvp then we are the corp you need.

The corp was originally founded by two veteran players but due to rl issues one of the founding fathers had to stop. I want to keep going and grow the corp. I have done everything EvE has to offer and I want to share my experience with the corp. All newbros are welcome!

We are currently located in the Minmatar lowsec area a few jumps away from nullsec. This gives us plenty opportunities for solo pvp, small gang pvp and more! We mostly fly around in frigates but can scale up to what is needed to win a fight. This makes us very newbie/Alpha friendly.

We value three things mostly in this corp: Have fun, no drama and fight as a team!

We are looking for like-minded individuals to fly with in the EU TZ.

What we offer:
Mature PvP
Active leadership
Lots of content
Zero drama

What we are looking for:
PVP focused players
No SP requirements
Willingness to train into corp doctrines
Pilots who are willing to learn and contribute to the corp and create content for others.

Ingame Public channel: Lucifer’s Own Pub

Sounds like the Black Rebel Rifter Club would be a good fit for you.

Join our pub chat in game “BRRC Pub”

Also check out our add [LS][NS][PVP] The Black Rebel Rifter Club is recruiting - Get your YARR on!
Talk soon I hope!

o/ We welcome newbros, check us out. Maybe its something you want to do.

Be More Wolf & join White Fang Militia!

Hi Ajron,

Welcome to Eve Online!

Check us out here:

Brohemia Lowsec PVP/SML-MED Fleets/SpaceBros

We are all bros in space.

In Brohemia, this is the atmosphere we always strive for and we help each other out in many ways as we learn the game together.

We have experienced players and FCs.

Our in-game channel is Brohemia Pub or send me an in-game mail.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi @Ajron_Cysiek,

Welcome to EVE. Based on what you’ve written, I think our group might interest you. We are a group active in all areas of space, from the battlefield to the market. Our group has survived for nearly 10 years because we are more than just a corp – we are a community, and we use Discord more than we do the in-game channels.

I’d like to invite you to take a look at our ad and if you like what you see, come join us on discord for a chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Forcing players to join a corporation is completely moronic.

That is all.

Hello Ajorn,

We are a newly formed Nullsec Group and would love for you to consider, continuing your Nullsec Journey with us!!

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