New player, looking for a mining Corp

Title says it all really, started playing properly this week and would love to join a Corp that can educate and support me on my career path.

Thanks for reading, fly safe yall.

Hey Tanni!

Celestial Precision is a great for you. We are a fast growing corporation run by players experienced in all aspects of Eve who are looking to enjoy the game in a fun, casual atmosphere.
We have a heavy basis on industry, with our home system filled to the brim with asteroid belts and even some ice. Weve got a bunch of people on and mining all the time, and we’d love to have you out there with us.

If youre interested, shoot me a message in game, and i can answer any questions you may have.


Hey! If you’re looking for mining we’ve got lots of that in Providence!

If mining is what you’re looking for we can help! We’ve got access to multiple refineries and some ice belts just a short jump away. We can offer orca boosts too! Shoot me a message in game o7

Don’t know what TZ you are in, but we are a small corp in NPC null. We have players across EU/US/AU tz’s but our alliance is primarily EU.

We also have a WH if you are interested, and access to Alliance campus in Hi sec if you want to start there.

Read our ad to see if we are a fit and contact us ingame if you want to chat.

I’m an alpha started this year. Yup Jan 1 2020
I lucked out and found a great corp
Pop into our public chat and talk to a member of our management
We are Red Phenix Rising

We can help you out with everything you need send me a message in game if interred

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