New Player Looking for Adult/Mature "guild"?

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Hi all I am Sam. I am not sure why, but this is the first time I have played Eve Online. I think I may have started it up once before when the game as fairly new, but was buy playing other MMOs at the time and did not have time for it. That was a LONG time ago.

So I get an advertisement on Facebook for Eve Online, see it is free to play now, figured why not.

I am looking for a home in the game, where I can be a noob and ask lots of questions and actually get at least some of those questions answered.

I am 40 years old, do not tolerate drama in online games and want to find like minded adults to hang with.

Basically a Corporation or Alliance (or whatever it is called) with no kids in it, no drama and not so focused on what’s going on outside the game that they forget to have fun.

Let me know if you would like to discuss further with me!

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Howdy! Vow of Vengeance is recruiting all players … check our ad in game and reach out to on of our recruiting officers to have a conversation! :slight_smile:

Link is our FB ad if you would prefer to look at the finer details…

Look forward to meeting you!

VoV Recruitment Team

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I should say, I have zero interest in PvP…pretty much ever.

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Thats kewl, we got lots of industrial and lots of ratting with full ADMS :slight_smile:

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I have experienced exactly what you are concerned about, and started my own corp to unsure I could maintain the environment I was comfortable with, the same as you described for yourself. I am a 43 year old professional, married with 3 children and my alternate character, “Haboose Black” is the CEO of “The Haboose” which is a wormhole/exploration corp that lives in a C1. We are a part of an alliance called “1st Naval Alliance” that has a few different corps within it that cover the gamut of gameplay styles. I would like to have a deeper conversation with you regarding your goals, and whether or not The Haboose, or another one of our corps may be a good fit for you.

'til we Fleet,


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What timezone are you in?

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I totally get where you’re coming from regarding the “drama” thing. I am a firm believer in candor and have nothing to hide from my corp.

On that front, I do feel I need to mention though that PvP is everywhere, you just need to learn how to avoid it. I have someone who is post-40 (he wouldn’t like me giving his age up lol) and he is positioning himself to be a strong industrialist with us. We’re a group of people recently coming back to the game or wanting a fresh start- something that feels new. Intel management is life.

I fear we might not be a good match for you simply because we are headed to Nullsec where the risk vs reward is greater than highsec (where you’re likely currently located). I just had to comment because I totally get where you’re coming from.

Eve is a PvP game. You can still be killed in highsec, especially if your cargo is high enough value, regardless of where you are. The only difference is in highsec, NPCs (Concord) will move to kill the offender.

Just be careful man. I really don’t want to see new players chased off because they think they’re safe, and then get killed.

Fly safe. o7

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