New player looking for faction warfare corp EU timezone

Hi! Just returned to Eve and I’m ready to put some more hours into it ^^ This time I’m having a great time and I’m looking to get into some Pvp through faction warfare.

For reference regarding my experience, just finished SOE epic ark and career missions. Did a bit of lowsec and wh exploring. So not that many SP, yet :wink:

I’m looking for a goofy group of pilots to have some fun and learn more about the game while also getting wrecked and kicking some ass

The faction does not really matter to me that much, as long as there’s activity and fun to be had

Meanwhile, fly safe! o7

Come check out our alliance HUSH. We are US/EU based and fw is a big focus for us. We got corps who are into fw, pvp, indy and mining. We’re in the older side so no drama. If interested stop by our discord. HUSH Public Ops

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Mail sent in-game. :slight_smile:

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