New player, looking for pvp


New player here, looking for a corp. I’m about to finish the sisters of eve arc and figured it’s a good time to join a corp. Just went omega as well.
Important is that it’s opposing the biggest coalition in the game.

I’m all about pvp and perhaps some exploration. Played pvp MUDs (text based mmorpg) for over a decade so the pvp concept isn’t new to me. What I eventually will be doing is gang-pvp and solo-pvp.
Not too much into fleets.

Anyway, if you feel you have room and patience for a new player - I’m down. I prefer learn by doing rather than formal classes.

Oh yeah… While this may be nitpicky from my side - I’d prefer no hot dogs/cats/babies/flowers/anime girls/etc as the corp avatar or some weird corp names. Kinda ruins the whole immersion thing for me.


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Hi @Azrah_Arudala,

I appreciate your preference for immersion. Once upon a time, we were a RP corp and participated in many of the big in-game events as our characters. Sadly, time has a way of shutting those things down, but I personally am still very big on immersion.

We are a NewBro-friendly PvP corp based out of low-security space. We understand how hard it is to get started in EVE and know the numbers that CCP puts out about new player retention, so we are doing our part to help improve the EVE community by recrutiting and training new players in all aspects of EVE. We also help re-integrate returning players and bring them up-to-speed on the current game mechanics.

I’d like to invite you to take a look at our ad and if you like what you see, come join us on Discord for a chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Links to our kill board and Discord can be found on the page below.

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