New player looking to buy a pilot!

I just started playing recently and im enjoying the game but i’d like to be able to do more i bought some plex and im looking to sell it and buy a pilot maybe, was looking to get more into mining and industry if anyone has a pilot geared towards that id be interested in buying one of them maybe!

i have a few but depends on how much isk you can afford. tell me your affordability and i’ll pitch you some pilots of mine.

Soo i bought more than i had been meaning to so I’ve got about 16 billion, I’d like to maybe save a little though idk.

what r you after what type of play you looking to do etc. look at thatbefore spending on the first coming char offered. life is cruel and eve is no different. welcome aboard the hardest game you’ll find out there.

oh and i am for sell Gold Bheskagor’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

mining frigate lvl 5

What kind of pilot are you looking for?
Miner - reprocessing?
Crafter - industrialist?
Mission runner?

I’m looking for something in Mining reprocessing & Industrial and no I’m not planning to do PVP. I’m just mainly interested in the PVE side of this game atm.

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