New Player Looking to join an Active/Casual Corp - USA CST (Late Night)

Hey there, I’m a brand new player to EVE, but have played more MMOs than I can count over the last 20 years (Asheron’s Call, Star Wars Galaxies, The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, and Wildstar to name a few). I’m a pretty dedicated crafter in my other games, and I’m most interested in industry and mining for EVE. Though I do want to play around and blow stuff up every once in a while, it definitely isn’t my main priority for play. Over the last few days, I’ve figured out a bit about the basics of mining and industry through the agent missions, but I’m looking for some help moving on to the next level. Whether that means a character build, best locations for missions, how to do things efficiently, or how to best equip myself… any help is welcomed.

Discord preferred, but I’m open to a dedicated website forum as well.

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Hey there, Thaddeus, I’m from HVYCC.

We are a PVP corporation in Null sec, but accept all player types.

We are also VERY new player friendly. We offer free ships, skill plans, and guidance to all new players.

If you’re interested please stop by our Discord!

Hey Thaddeus! We are a perfect fit for what you’re looking for. New player focused, indy and manufacturing to scratch your crafter itch

And, huge star wars galaxies fan here…

Cheech our our recruitment post and hop on discord to chat about our group and any questions you have.


Welcome to the community, I think we could be of assistance here. FAYN is what I like to call weaponised Industrialists, we care much for the industry aspect but also can’t resists a pretty explosion from time to time. It may be worth your time to drop on our communication platforms list here in my recruitment post (at the bottom) and ask us a few probing questions to see if you like what we are about.

Failing that I wish you the very best of luck its a tough game but you are doing the right thing by getting into a community to help and support you.

Kind Regards

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Check out Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate, in-game channel SWTC Lobby. We are geared towards newer and returning players. We currently offer:

  • Access to very abundant HiSec asteroid belts.
  • LowSec mining ops in anoms and at moons - both within coalition and “ninja” operations.
  • A huge BPO library - if you want a copy, just ask.
  • Leadership with over 30 human years experience in the game.
  • A growing HiSec/LowSec community.

Our operations will begin expanding into PvP as we grow.

A warm welcome awaits in Red vs Blue - Eve’s most famous PvP nightclub since 2007. Stop shooting rocks and robots and join the fun - you’ll be so glad you did. :slight_smile:

Red Federation and Blue Republic – two corps and one eternal war. While others try to win wars – our goal is war – so we can have more fun with it than anyone else. Our aim is fast - fun – affordable PvP action within a respectful and supportive community.

Want to learn PvP ? Returning after years out and need to catch up ? Then please apply to Red vs Blue Flight Academy. We offer training classes - free ships - weekly low sec roams - daily events / classes and of course EXPLOSIONS! Learn fittings, tactics and develop your piloting skills .

Nobody has blown up more ships than us and we have launched the careers of many of Eve’s finest PvP pilots and FC’s.

After a two year hiatus one of Eve’s most famous and well loved brands is BACK – its time to enjoy PvP again!

Public Channel: R-V-B
Public Help Chat: Red vs Blue Flight Academy
Flight Academy:
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