New player, negative ISK balance. Why no notifcations?

That’s his problem though. :smirk:

Besides some capsuleer might be at the right place at the right time to make good ISK and/or earn a nice killmail while capitalizing on his poor decision making. :smiling_imp:

Such is EVE Online. :wink:

True, and with an added bonus. We get to laugh at his insane lack of logic and mental gymnastics when he posts.

So, win-win?

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I have no sympathy for a slave trader.


Thank bob im not amarrian

@Forger_Severe after looking through the Lore, if you were in amarr space, you wouldnt have gotten in trouble since any other empire detests slave trading.

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I want to say that’s where they came from. I think Gallente were the ones policing. Still don’t care enough to look it up. Just been having fun with wormholes.

I can understand their point of view.

In this game, there’s two things that can lower your wallet balance without you directly causing it.

GMs, and Contraband.

In other places, when you do something illegal, or that the empire owning the station you’re in doesn’t like… what happens? You (might) get shot at.

What happens if you have low standings with an empire and fly in their space? The faction shoots at you.

What happens if you attack another player in hi-sec? Concord shoots at you (and is guaranteed to win.)

What happens when you fly around with one of the very few items that’s still illegal? Your money goes down.

It doesn’t make sense from a lore perspective either.

If the Caldari are capable of removing isk from your account directly… why wouldn’t they just drain the accounts of their enemies?

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This actually makes sense. It never made sense to me that the empires would fine you even if you shot at/evaded the customs agents. IMO it should be either you surrender the items and pay a fine or they shoot at you.


Heres my Story. First and last post. Because disappointed af, congrats devs, was willing to pay again for atleast 1 of my 3 old chars. Now i press the deinstall button…
Never encountered this bad of a game design choice!

TLDR: Same as OP, got wild ideas, wanted to smuggle, got screwed over by not getting enough info from the game.

Sorry for bad engrish. Only read further if you like rage and rambling…

Same as OP, got back after 12 years.
Saw Eve in my youtube recommendation and told myself “hey you liked mining and foremost trading, maybe take a look what eve does in 2023 and now its free to play!”.

Sidetrack: Logged back in my miner account (Procurer). Still had it + Modules. Dissapointment: locked behind Omega/Plex. Ok, fair enough, i can live with this decision by the devs, everybody has to make money. And this is ship not beginner Stuff. Atleast YOU GOT FULLY INFORMED BY THE GAME. Logged out because not wanting to leave hangar or pay 15 Dollar for not knowing what i was getting with eve after all these years.

Back to main story:
Remembered had an trader Account! Logged back in. Still there! Iteron Mark V little bit of money 40mil (Dont know what happened ages ago, probably sent it to corp member as i left). Able to play as Alpha Account. Yay! I had fun again for 2 days until this very hour.
Traded soil and holoreels, made some money, bought new ship and the idea grew “you need big money”. Discovered evetrade and other websites. Hunting for the best deals. uhhhh, small arms to Jita, big boy money!
(yep Big brain moment)
Was willing to loose my ship, faction standing and cargo. Knew it was illegal (As per item description). Even tested with a small amount beforehand to enter caldari space. Starting to jump next gate, last second i got scanned, BUT was able to get in warp, got “the message, your live or your cargo”. Dropped my load as the message stated.
(More Bigbrain moments incoming)
OK, maybe if im fast enough, im able to get 1 system in, dock, make market order for half of jita profit! Whats the worst can happen? Ship and cargo loss?! pfff, i was willing to take the risk, to spice the gameplay up!

Yeah… the rest is history. Got 2 Systems in, docked, yawdropping -67mil isk…

Even this “is an old mechanic, you ShOuLd KnoW it blah blah”. Nobody wouldve been hurt at the gamedev office to make the textbox bigger with this ONE IMPORTEND INFO!

As OP said, i quit, because as trader in need money to trade and no i dont want to enter the starting ship and do 40k ISK per Mission, Missions…


Should the game also provide you with an electric shock to grab your attention, and warn you from making bad choices and decisions too?

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Sure, why not? Sounds more immersive