[New Player/PvP] Mercenary Academy Wants You!


Have you ever dreamed of being a mercenary or bounty hunter? Have you ever wanted to play an online game in a professional and respectful environment? Mercenary Coalition Advanced Warfare School [MCAWS] is THE place for those of you who take more than a casual interest in EVE Online. ([MCAWS] was previously a corp within MERCENARY ACADEMY, but now has joined the alliance Mercenary Coalition.)

[MCAWS] is the training corporation for the legendary Mercenary Coalition, the first and oldest mercenary alliance in EVE. Founded back in 2004, the MC is a storied alliance with a rich history. The member corps of the current day MC include names that have endured in EVE for over a decade. MC is led by EVE veterans that have seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It is these people and corporations who wish to pass on their knowledge and support to a new generation of EVE players.

The motto of the Mercenary Coalition is, “It’s about the person next to you." With that in mind, [MCAWS] strives to hold true to that ethos by building a community within a community, one that encourages taking bold initiatives and understanding that even after years of play there are still new things to learn.

How is [MCAWS] different from other ‘training corps’?

Being part of the ‘Mercenary Family’, you will become part of a mature community that believes in treating you like an adult. We are brothers and sisters who look out for each other and those who pay us to look out for them. Sexism, racism and bullying are not tolerated under our flags.

The goal of [MCAWS] is not to provide a meat shield or cannon fodder for Mercenary Coalition. We want to build professional killers that can make their own choices while being effective members and leaders of our combat operations while of course still having fun! Our cadre of dedicated and experienced instructors will guide you through a structured PVP education with the end goal of making you the best pilot you can be.

[MCAWS] focuses on the pvp aspect of Eve and is designed to refine your PvP skills. This is also an entry point for veteran players who are new to PVP or for players who have been absent from the game and wish to get back into the swing of things. The class check-offs are designed to enhance your base knowledge and supplement them with more advanced techniques. Particular emphasis will be on practical training in manual piloting, tackling, scouting, large and small gang combat, and logistics. ISK making activities like Mining, or Exploration are also covered, thus giving you the training to support you PvP activities and potentially PLEXing your accounts. You will gain experience flying alongside main MC alliance fleets and eventually lead your own roaming gang/gate camp. There will be vital doctrine support ships designed for recruits to fly. Advanced ships such as stealth bombers, interdictors and command destroyers are also encouraged.

What do we offer?

  • An e-learning platform for training, complete with ops on both the live Tranquility server and the Singularity test server, covering your first confusing weeks right up to advanced PvP skills.
  • Combat veterans / Mercenary Coalition instructors! Training FOR mercenaries, BY mercenaries who have been playing the game for over ten years.
  • Dedicated forums, services and voice comms.
  • Full timezone coverage.
  • A great community - MC’s community is fun but respectful; adult yet classy. Professionalism is emphasized at all times.
  • To fly alongside Mercenary Coalition members on official and fun fleets.
  • The potential to graduate directly into a corp in Mercenary Coalition.

The name of the game is content. In [MCAWS], our students will become future content creators. We will teach you to hunt, roam, lead, theory-craft and complete objectives. EVE is a complex game and the sandbox is vast. It is important to not only figure out how you want to play in the sand, but which friends you want to play in the sand with.

To that end, [MCAWS] will be focused on a content driven education. The goal is for you to log in and be able to hop into a fleet or join a class and constantly be interacting with the game rather than spinning in a station. At its core however, the content in EVE is player driven and, with that mind, [MCAWS] will teach its students how to find that content and lead their fleets to glory!


  • Omega account.
  • Full API, background check and interview with microphone.
  • High level of activity and participation to graduate within four months.
  • Desire to focus on PvP and progress through rigorous training.
  • Minimum SPs to fly fleet support ships.
  • Access to Singularity test server.
  • ISK self-sufficiency (alts encouraged).

Become part of a larger family and join [MCAWS] today! Join the in game channel ‘Mercenary Academy’ and talk to our recruiters and instructors.

Public channel: Mercenary Academy
Website: mercenarycoalition.com

More information on the long history of the legendary MC alliance:


Recruitment is still open. Got questions? Join the in game channel ‘Mercenary Academy’ and ask.

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I’ll look for you ig. Nice post!

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Come on down. Give it a try…

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If you like me ill think about it. About thinking about it.


Well that makes me feel extra special. Consider application to your noob squad revoked.

I injected 96 mill sp today and have 5 yrs experience. I’ll note you when I destroy a fleet of you noobs blindfolded. Mmmmkay?

Seeya In space!

Read your Recruitment post and I am very interested in learning the ropes . :slight_smile:

Summer vacation is over.
Time to shoot things.

Questions? Join the in game channel ‘Mercenary Academy’ and ask.

Friendly bump for the new bros!

Yes, we are still active.
Try it, you might like it.

Original post updated to reflect changes to Mercenary Academy.

  • All training is now done in the corp Mercenary Coalition Advanced Warfare School [MCAWS]
  • [MCAWS] is now in Mercenary Coalition [MC]
  • [MCAWS] is now OMEGA only.

We’re back. Recruiting now open.

Plenty of PvP action on deployment - the best way to learn!

I played a bit a few years ago (2012) and had a blast. I really only stopped playing because the guy who recruited me stopped playing. I have about 8mil in training and I am looking to get into PVP.

Unfortunately due to CCP dropping APIs and lack of tools that work with ESI, recruiting is currently closed.
Please check back again in a bit.