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I am very new, about 3 days. I am 18+ and laid back / hard to offend, and am looking for somewhere to grow my knowledge of eve and make some friends. I did play back in 14’ for a couple months but I lost that account and to be honest don’t remember too much save for the how the basic systems work. I’ll be semi afk mining 8-10 hours a day while I work at home (engineer) and playing actively after that on most days. Other than mining i’m interested in pretty much everything but wormholes and exploration in null sec seem like the most fun, without actually knowing anything about it. I have discord/mumble/ts etc… and a mic. I am also Omega.

Let me know if I sound like a good fit for you.


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Hey there! Aideron Robotics is a new player friendly PVP corporations, one based on the pillars of maturity and mutual respect. Here you will find plenty of people like yourself to grow with, as well as many older players ready to help you out and teach you.

We are part of the Federation Uprising alliance, which is a hybrid Faction Warfare and Nullsec alliance fighting for the Gallente Militia.

I also happen to be 18 :slight_smile: Just graduated

If you’re interested in joining, feel free to hop onto our Discord and I’ll give you everything you need to apply.

come check us out. we live out in Detorid and are mostly industry focused; more often than not our discord is full of banter

We are a nullsec corp but run a friendly lowsec academy with free ships and all for newbros. Hit us up on discord. We are (a) Diplomatic Incident - Join Now

Come join Sith Navy. We live in nullsec, and are experienced at training new bros. We have access to great mining and production of your are interested. We have constant small fleet pvp battles, and access to large fleet battles. Our coalition just participated in the second largest battle in eve history, and you could be apart of that.
We help provide a direction for your training and will help you get into the ships you need. Never worry about your ship being blown up again, you out of isk, no problem will replace, or get you into a new ship.
We have infrastructure for all your needs.
Join today.

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