New Project Discovery: COVID-19

Elyse Randolph looks like a gnome on a big kids chair

They reported this around May 7 already. Been awaiting on a clearer explanation ever since.

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All very good questions for sure.

I found out today that Project Discovery Exolanets has been removed and that the progress has been reset.

I put a lot of effort into PD recently to get the Pacifier BPC and I was at level 46, and now back to 0 - that is a bummer!

I would like to suggest that CCP allows us to continue progress in Exoplanets if we want, or that the progress of Covid-19 continues where Exoplanets ended.


You got my attention…

I was at lvl 449, so close to the mashall BPC. And now i should start again at lvl0 ??? Are you serious ???


Project Salty™
Discover Lemons

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Another example of CCP professional approach to their playerbase.

From a brief statement 'we are planning to replace Exoplanets Hunters with new project in nearest future" month ago to just like that, starting COVID-19 project in game, with Lighting Stike stuff. Without any information, when Exoplanets will end, and when COVID-19 project will start…

This is just shameful, how CCP handles communication with people who were doing Exoplanets project, trying to finish their goals, like obtaining particular apparel or BPC.


You should slam your kb on the desk repeatidly in disgust

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Here’s what I think about it Version 18.06 - General Feedback

Same questions here. I was in a middle of Exoplanet PD. Doing it at my leisure…it ended abruptly without warning…

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Ok, so I’ve had some time to play on the new Project Discovery and I have some initial thoughts.
First I’d like to say that I made it to level 14 @ 90.8% accuracy before I was rudely stopped by the game


  1. It’s decent. It’s not as fun or interesting as exoplanets. but hey, it’s science and that’s cool.
  2. It’s actually relatively easy to pick up.
  3. You’re helping to solve a problem that is affecting us all right this very minute, I love that.
  4. You have rewards past level 500, this is a good start


  1. This one goes a LOT slower than Exoplanets but the EXP / isk per slide is the same so rewards are going to come in MUCH slower.

  2. THERE IS A HARD DAILY LIMIT!?!? WHYYYY? If you want us to drown you in data to fight the current pandemic WHY ARE WE HARD CAPPED PER CHARACTER?!? Also this means it will take AGES to get to the higher levels. It’s depressing if you want to just sit in station and do PD for hours (yes I have no life)

  3. Why are the big rewards the same?


I somehow missed the announcement of a new PD subject and removal of the exoplanet search. Fortunately for me, I had finally gotten into a habit of always going through at least 10 scans a day and just barely got under the wire last week with the Marshal BPC. Built and “smuggled” out of Jita, it proudly spins in my home hanger awaiting the implementation of Brisc’s Flying Tiger/shark grin skin. I can understand how many people feel, since I kept prodding myself over and over to do samples just to reach the Marshal. Would have loved to see a log in screen reminder with a 30 day countdown to let people know that their months of effort to reach a specific goal might be in jeopardy.

Someone dropped the ball at CCP.


Thanks, CCP. You could have given us some actual warning that it was going to end…

I was around 118 levels… and wanted the Enforcer. If I had known you were ending it today, I would have grinded that thing out this weekend…


Never noticed

Me also :frowning: Pretty pissed off tbh

@CCP_Aurora This is seriously discouraging, why should I put any effort at all into the new project if all my effort can be wiped out at a whim? I don’t mind doing the new one but the XP achieved so far on the old one should be redeemable in some way.

EDIT: SoE or Concord loyalty points conversion maybe nudge nudge


Remember kids, no more than 5 submissions per minute, no matter how fast you are at drawing a box. :roll_eyes:


Hah, welcome to my world - I managed to at least burn past the enforcer and skin before this died - was only 6 more levels from 200. I knew this was coming the moment they mentioned Proj Disco in an earlier blog, so very glad I managed as much as I did in the space of a few weeks.

I’ve given this some extra testing and can confirm that the daily limit is hard - relogging doesn’t let you get around it, sorry folks.
Bit of a pity, as I wouldn’t mind no-lifing my way to the marshal so I don’t have to splurge 7bill and change on a prebuilt one. But if this version of PD is around for long enough I suppose it won’t be too bothersome?
Guarantee I’ll be getting to 500 minimum this time around!

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highest reward is at 650

edit: ignore this, I must learn to read properly in future.

The reset hurts a LOT! Escaping COVID in a videogame by working on discovering planets was needed, now it follows me into EVE!