New Project Discovery: COVID-19

But I need those glasses…and the lab coat! D:

Also, I stick with ~2 full levels a day.

It’s just tedious because I literally see no point in a human doing this. A program could easily replicate what I’m doing. And could process millions of slides in the span it takes me to do one; about 10 seconds (when I actually try). - This is suppose to be to save lives after all. :smirk:

Yup, to the point that Project Discovery were forced to Neocom bar in the last patch. Bring the exoplanets! Hack the planets! Hack the planets! Hack the planets!

dude its hard to a computer to know if your box is “like” the gold standard
for that you will need a neural network ai
the game probably just run a simple area math to compare and give you the grade , thats why the big boxes that contain all the standard polygon is getting 100%
btw project discovery was much more relevant a few years ago wen machine learning was not advanced as nowadays , there is things that are very simple to a human and veeery hard to a machine
the classic example was is this a tea pot?
but now machines are learning to do this difficult things
if we are really doing something , my theory is, , we are narrowing the field to them pick our results , pass them to a neural network machine , them pass to human scientists
us < machine < real scientist

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So, realistically, this isn’t doing a bit of good.

CCP should have just offered the rewards on the NEStore. With a portion of the proceeds going to the WHO, since this whole thing is about finding out how our immune system and pathogens interact.

I mean…for a game that preaches ‘The Butterfly Effect’. They sure aren’t making use of it…

“Gaming company, CCP, raises over $1 million USD to help combat infectious diseases.”

((Gaming companies: Holy crap! Look at the response; the free publicity that generated!"

“Activision-Blizzard […] donation”
“Ubisoft […] donation”

“Several gaming companies have raised a combined $million.”
etc, etc.

Instead they opt to do this, where making a bigger box gets you better accuracy, on the verified slides. Which means, we’re just doing ‘big boxes’ on the unverified ones; we’re gaming the system with out even realizing it, because chances are my boxes look a lot like your boxes on the unverified.

((Spoilers: They don’t, because I can , with a 90%+ accuracy rate, guess which ones aren’t going to be verified. So I just draw a single box and continue. Which just goes to show how pointless this was, and should have been scraped for the above alternative of just buying the items and giving a portion to international organizations that deal with studying infectious diseases.))

got to get all of those 240+ SKINs somehow, goddamit!

The main reason that keeps people away from this one is that this PD is harder than the last one. And not because the problem itself is harder - it’s actually the opposite. But the UI requires us to do lot of unnecessary work so we spend most of our time in doing furious mouse clicking.

This could be solved by better UI

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me too. I was aiming for the marshal and almost reached level 250 but my progress got wiped… What a waste T.T

I am trying to complete these but I get errors saying Submission Sample Mishap. Every single time I try. I’ve log out and in, I have an other account that is alpha that can do it fine. But this one, which is new it wont work.


Where can I find help for this? I can’t find anything about it online.

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99% Aco At Rank 28

99% Aco At Rank 25

99% At 25 Rank

99% RANK 10TH :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

99% At 10th Rank

@Syz_ina_Pod Well at least he looks sorry for your loss of data. :rofl:

That’s a shame. They should have kept your level.

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"We cannot produce more than five submissions a minute, nor should we. Make sure you’re taking time to carefully analyze each sample. A prolific researcher is a good researcher, but only if they produce quality work. "

Remove this. I have a 99% average accuracy and never score below 80% accuracy on the ‘verified’ slides.

It’s not my fault this is ridiculously simple.

I capped out at lvl 75 today. My SP is 3.5m. The limitation looks like 25 lvls per 1m SP.

It’s disappointing CCP have used SP as such a drastic limitation. I have an Omega account like everyone else, this should have more weighting to progress further IMO.

I hear CCP peeps on twitch saying things like making the wider game available for all etc etc. But then they nerf. someone who wants pursue this avenue.

I get nerfing Alpha accounts, but the grinding should be the natural nurf to higher lvls for Omega accounts not SP. Once again CCP reinforces stronger players getting more, which results in even stronger, while weaker player aren’t rewarded for the grind. This is completely the opposite of what was mentioned on twitch last night.

PS. CCP Aurora makes me weak at the knees!


You think CCP aurora is cute?

I really hope the SP limitation is gone once you’re above 5 million. It’d be nice if didn’t exist at all above 1 million SP though, but if it exists above 5 million SP, it will be very stupid and disgusting.

Seriously… I was pretty far into it… kinda messed up they’d put that reward at the end and then take the chance of getting it completely away. :confused: