New Project Discovery: COVID-19

I capped out at lvl 75 today. My SP is 3.5m. The limitation looks like 25 lvls per 1m SP.

It’s disappointing CCP have used SP as such a drastic limitation. I have an Omega account like everyone else, this should have more weighting to progress further IMO.

I hear CCP peeps on twitch saying things like making the wider game available for all etc etc. But then they nerf. someone who wants pursue this avenue.

I get nerfing Alpha accounts, but the grinding should be the natural nurf to higher lvls for Omega accounts not SP. Once again CCP reinforces stronger players getting more, which results in even stronger, while weaker player aren’t rewarded for the grind. This is completely the opposite of what was mentioned on twitch last night.

PS. CCP Aurora makes me weak at the knees!

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