New Record for Jita Local?

Logged in my alt in Jita and thought I must be seeing something wrong. Around 6500 players in Jita Local.

Then I thought the number may be presented wrongly to me, so I copy+pasted the user list and yeah, it’s really around 6500 players in there. Only the usual 1200-ish docked in 4-4 though.

Did I miss the announcement for Burn Jita?

Is this a new record?

It’s likely a bug where the chat server picks up new players, but somehow doesn’t remove the old ones. If there were 6500 players in Jita then we’d have TiDi in there and a ton of complaints already. I’m not even sure if Jita can hold this many players.

Yeah, it looks like this is what’s happening. I haven’t seen it in other systems though. Ran a few locator agents on people who are in local but not docked in 4-4 and turns out they’re still in 4-4, logged off for all I know. Starting conversation with them works though - no message of them not being online.

That’s not a thing anymore sadly

Ah true, this was practical after another feature disappeared

(but we should phrase it as a bug, maybe CCP will fix it)

I thought Jita had a 2k cap at the time of the WiS protests?

That bug again? Yay for the new chat system and CCP’s competent programmers.

Strange, yesterday I did a quick trip to Jita, the chat was extremely quiet and there was only 257 people on Local.


Peak population in Jita yesterday was 2,247.

Looks like a local display issue :slight_smile:


What is the most people in a system ever?

I remember when the gates would not allow more players to enter due to population :grinning:


To compensate for that bug, my local now shows nothing :joy:

That’s because Thanos was right, nuke’em all.

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Thats the record amount of bugs.

Nice times! I was hunting FW targets in there. Lots of kills was made!

He suggested to nuke half :stuck_out_tongue:

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