Local player count is fubar

Something is wrong with local player count. Was in Jita earlier and it said 354 in local when I logged in…45 min later is was up to 800+ Its usually at like 1000+

Whats up?

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Experiment with “buggy” blackout, perhaps?

Not sure I get your meaning?

That sort of bug has been getting more and more common. CCP is clearly aware of the issue, but unable to permanently fix it. Since they cannot bring back the nullsec blackout because of popular dissent, they might be interested in allowing the local player count to be buggy and defective in the interests of generating more fights.

Local has bugs since they changed to separate service and changed software. CCP is aware of it and even considering reverting back to old chat system because they can’t find fix.

Really, really no need to create another absurd conspiracy theory


I have three clients and they display mostly different counts/players in local. It is not fun.

the problem its not the bug, we get it … the problem its some dudes know how to exploit it

since CCP doesnt think we need patch notes anymore this could simply be a new feature. Who can tell anymore?


Oh noes, what a horrible thing. Whatever would we do with less local spam in jita…

Oh…the spam is still there for sure

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