New ship bigger then titans

So titans these days are common, in my alliance there are tons, I can undock and see 12 at a time just sitting on a normal day. Titans used to be alliance owned assets and alliance projects, but as inflation in the game happened, titans have become easy to make for larger alliances and dirt cheap. I have been playing for a little over 3 years, and by this year I could possibly have my first titan in the oven. This seems like a small amount of time to build up to this. So, I was thinking of a larger ships that alliances can work together on, basically the next super weapon and arms race to soon follow.

Now, Iapetans are in the lore of the game, so possibly there could be a event or something, maybe alliances have to work together to find the blueprint, and maybe special modules for the “super titan” and then they bring it back to their homeland, and then use their resources to build such a thing.


Turns out that the empires have scattered pieces of their blueprints across the galaxy and are defending the pieces in random systems across new eden, to be forever guarded to keep these super weapons out of reach from growing threats of new eden.

You would have to go throughout new eden and scan down these sites that hold the blueprints, heavily guarded by npc’s, once you kill them and win the battle and hack the structure, you get access to a piece. You need would need 15 pieces to have enough for the structure. The structures also drop blueprints for the weapons.

But if the blueprints are scattered and you will find different bpc’s, you wont have a complete titan?

Now this is how the titan is personalized. By getting different bpc’s, you are genetically mixing ships. Your ship will look and perform differently based on what blueprints you got. There will only be 50 blueprints throughout new eden, which means if you got more than 15 that you need, your ship will perform better and be bigger. There can only be 3 Iapetans possibly built at the same time. If the ship is killed, the blueprints drop. You can reprocess the ships, but 25% of the value and 1 blueprint will be lost.

These ships would have a custom skin based on the alliance or coalition that has it. The ships will look different, and perform difference with different bonuses and tank.

What would it be like if you got the standard 15 blueprint titan? well it would be something like this…

It would have 1 super large doomsday, maybe possible to kill entire structures or entire fleets. This would be the nuke of new eden. It would cost billions worth of fuel to fire, so take it into account. The ship would have 4 regular doomsday’s on it as well, and lots and lots and lots of guns. The amount of mods it would have would be insane. The goal of it would be a mobile base for an entire coalition,like a keepstar that can jump, along with the fact that its a super weapon.

How can all of this be controlled by one player? It cant, and It wont. There will be multiple capsuleers piloting this thing. 1 player would control each group on it. The groups are: Utilities, offensive weapons, defensive weapons, fighters/drones, and tank. They would need to work together, it would be kinda like ultron or something. there would be some weapons on it that would not need to be manned, such as small automating guns that kill drones or frigates, stuff like that.

Basically, there can only be 3 in existence due to the amount of blueprints, allowing it not to become like titans are now. Only the superpowers can own it. Blueprints can be horded, sold, and stolen. They just cant be destroyed.

So, if this thing is huge, how would we dock it? Well ships irl are docked by just placing it next to something and tying it off or anchoring. Do basically the same thing, just the docking mod would be a mod that would be placed on the keepstar, and it takes up most of its cpu and power grid. It would look like giant space hooks or electronic beams that tether it. This would keep it from being stolen, also keeps it from not floating off and crashing into a planet or the sun :slight_smile:

Possibly add something that allows it to be defended. Docking it to the keepstar would be the only way to change the fit, so if its being moved far from home, that needs to be the final fit unless you got allies up there. You can move the docking mod inside the cargo of your ship. They cant take gates, only jump. They can hold whole fleets inside of them, and be set as a home “station” along with jump clones, and hold anything up but supers, it can tether supers tho.

So tell me what you think!!! I think this would generate interesting economic and political conflicts and races.

Yes, sure, because we need even more reasons to create 9-4 disasters in EVE. Because they make EVE so much more enjoyable and playable.

And only a limited number in game? So that one group can monopolize them? Yes, even better idea.

Hell no to this kind of bovine waste.

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yes I forgot about the 9-4

Hold this off till we can have big battles of course. If CCP wasn’t trying to make a whole new MMO we could actually get stuff done.

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You’re combining multiple ideas in ways that the game in its current state cannot support. It’s almost not worth thinking about except as a fun thought experiment.

Now CCP has implemented variations on resource races in the past (the Jove body part collection, the research race for the Tech 3 Destroyers), and I do like that idea. But the rewards shouldn’t be so…consequential…as multi-pilot citadel-nuking fleet-slinging frankentitans.

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