New (slightly confused) Player looking for Minmatar Corp

Hi All,

I’m a new player with 5M SP and I fly Mimnatar. I’ve only done solo combat missions/ratting and explorations. I really need to get into playing with others in one nature or another but I’m finding the process confusing and I’m having a hard time finding the following.

  • I’ve done no PVP, so I’d like whatever first intro to this makes the most sense for newbies, I guess small to mid scale and Faction Warfare? I’ve flown only Mimnatar and prefer to keep it that way unless I’m really swimming against the Meta.
  • Group PVE missions and exploration/scouting would be great too.
  • I’m a middle aged adult with RL priorities, I can only play US Eastern Time evenings and can’t guarantee amount of time to play, but any commitment I make I promise to keep.
  • I think I’d prefer a corp that rolls up to TEST, but this isn’t a priority

Thanks for considering me.

will mail you ingame =)

Hi all; still looking for a corp that has group activities US ET evenings and is ok with Mimnatar in their fleets.

Hey there.
Not a recruitment reply as such, just some info.

Test is dead :slight_smile:

Many many groups fly Minmatar, the Munnin is one if not the most commonly flown ship in null sec PVP.
Finding a group that only flys Minmatar is going to be tough though. Thats likely going to be a role-playing corp, of which I’m sure there are many but no where near as many compared to standard PVE/PVP corps.

There are no barriers to what race you can fly and most corps, PVP or otherwise, will fly are range of ships from all the races.

Thanks for info. I don’t care what everyone else flies but I’m having a hard time finding a corp that’s ok with me flying Mimnatar.

Hey bro hit me up, would love to set a a interveiw and let you know what we have to offer you. I sent you a in gane mail. Look foward to hear from you

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