New to EVE, looking for a corp

I’m new and have no clue what I am doing lol

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Come check out faction warfare. Great way to get into pvp

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Welcome to the game! A couple of thoughts for how to get in and get a taste for what is out there.

Look for and complete some of the career agents, as that will get a little money in your pocket and some ships in your hangar.

For a corp, baring any other suggestions you get here, you might want to check out EVE University:

They will guide you and give you exposure to pretty much every aspect of the game. Even if it’s not the corp for you, their website is a tremendous resource for learning via their wiki.

Good luck!

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As much as I’d love to have you in our Corp Jenne Wain is solidly right with Eve uni. they are an amazing resource for new players learning the ropes and figuring out what they like to do in new eden.

I would do Uni but the app makes it seem like its more of a school then what I am looking for, and I hate school

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If Uni isnt your taste, Pandemic Legion is another big corp, and theyre helpful to new players (they actually give new players destroyers, last i checked, like 6 months ago). Just be aware they operate in lawless areas and have wars going on often, so either sell what you have or get it hauled. Course im a bit biased, and i havent played in a while, so my info may be old.

Hello Bernthal Anneto,

School is only ‘school’ if the teacher isn’t bringing it at a high level. I actually teach IRL, and let me tell you, I understand. The type of learning that happens in DOPLR, is ultimately fun and entertaining. Mostly the information that is being passed from one toon to the next is what we call the ‘Doppler Effect’.

Come by and take a look at what and who we are as an Alliance, you will not regret it for sure.

Hope to see ya in space,

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Hello bernthal

We own a good low sec pocket close to jita

We hold sov in null sec

We have a C2 wormhole

Would be glad to talk with ya in comms
Join our public channel. Wobble bubble

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