OK 0 for 2 on corps…so guess ill try 1 more time.

I would like.
PVE (here and there for parts)
Mining (Ice and Ore)
I am self efficient

I have Discord and Mumble …Wait for it …And yes a Mic :love_you_gesture:
My time zone is us…West coast Seattle…But I am semi retired so i am usually on some toon somewhere.
Convo me in game. Thanx for reading…Hope to see someone soon.


What timezone are you in?

Oh…and hopefully you eventually get to appreciate that at times, drama in game can be a lot of fun, but I totally get where you are coming from.

There is a newbie focused corporation available that would love to take you in. It is called Incompetent and Proud.

I’ve sent you an invite, and also tried to reach you through chat convo. If you have any questions please mail me in game.

Hi there,

there is a corp dedicated to teaching new players called Rogue University.
Feel free to join their discord server:

See you there o7

Oh - Do not join that ‘incompetent and proud’ group. Not only do they spam their recruiting ads everywhere (a big red flag as a decent corp won’t do that), but they are very heavy on drama. Also, they have over 1000 members but are afraid of very small corps. One of their officers recently accidently (?) admitted they only have “10-15 active pvpers”…out of over 1000 pilots… Of course do as you want, but if you are looking for pvp and low drama, ‘incompetent and proud’ would seem not to be a good choice.

really looked at there kill boards OMG they die 1000 yea i dont think so 950 alts maybe…drama is not my gig…I am not new to this game just wanted to experiance being with a corp with no efffing responsibility . i have been playing with the same group of guts for 8 years we live in wh we love safer than hi sec…and the I A p dont really seem to teach there players much 5 day old toons in low in a drake really…all civy ya this isnt right fit for me …i did do all the career miss so let me know …i dont want to hang with a bunch of zombies who think that just because you can fly a raven u can use it…There are people who play guitar and then there are guitar players ill shurt up now .

Ben ® Proud member of the 2nd of the 75th Ranger Battalion

US Seattle

0 For 2…Hmmmmmm…Bumpsy ya no ****

o7 2/75


I think you will love it here with us.

Have a look here. Chill environment and nice people.

Karmafleet does not convo AFAIK but you are welcome to join the public channel.

Hi there,

I am James ‘TUSKER’ Mac’Call, the founder of T U S K and I’m inviting you to start a new chapter in your journey with our corporation!

If you are just in the beginning of your journey you may not know much about corporations at this time. However joining a player corporation is one of the best things you can do in order to learn to play the game. Not only is are corporation able to help you out with your questions but there are a lot of different services and benefits that we can offer to you. And what’s most important, you will be able to make some new friends.

Our ultimate goal is to find you and keep you in our corporation. Once you have learned the basics and if you feel like it, we offer you the ability to advance into a more dedicated position within our Corporation. You can then begin to focus on the content of your choice.

The services we offer are:

■ Ability to advance within the corporation.
■ Ability to experience different types of content (i.e. Combat, Mission running, Mining, Planetary interactions, Logistics, Market, and Invention.
■ Access to a free blueprint library
■ Buyback system for all type of items with very fair prices
■ Training programs and content for: PVP.
■ Boosted mining fleets and moon mining projects.
■ 0-5% corporation tax compared to 11% NPC corporation tax.
■ Ability to take roles in the corporation and build a name for yourself.
■ A chance to make a lot of new friends to play with.
■ And much more!

What do we require?

We do not require much from our new members. We are simply looking for new players that in time will be part of the core group of our corporation. So in other words we are giving you the chance to get to know us without any hard requirements and vice versa. All of our rules are located in here but if you are a friendly and mature player who can understand English, you are good to go!

Interested in joining us?

If all this sounds good to you and you want to give us a try then all you have to do to join us is to make an application to our corporation. If for some reason we would not be the right corporation for you, you can always leave at any time!

To join us click on TUSK-Public .Simply click yellow corporation link listed on that channel and press on the apply to join button to make an application.

Want to know more about us?

If you would like to know more about us you can:

■ Join our public discord in here
■ Or directly reply to this mail with your questions!

In order to prevent spam you have been added as a contact for our recruiter and you will never receive more direct recruitment mails from us. However if this happens for any reason please contact us as soon as possible so that the missing contacts can be fixed!

Best Regards
James ‘TUSKER’ Mac’Call

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