New trig log in screen screensaver when?

The new trig log in screen is pretty sweet, CCPlease make an it available as a screensaver in glorious 4k


Tonight there will be nightmares.

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dont know if this helps , im afraid the forum will compress it


aw thats perfect, thanks!

People use screensavers in 2020?

Still helps with plasma based displays …
… which, I guess, is mostly TVs assuming they’re still built.

Besides those, though, there’s a huge amount of people
who enjoy the fact that CRTs still have superior image quality.

Sure, but windows turns off displays automatically unless its under certain circumstances, which also wouldn’t allow for a screensaver to run anyway, so regardless of the panel being used you shouldn’t need a screensaver in this day and age

Flying Toasters were the #1 paid-for screensaver …
… for many, many years …
… and millions of people.

No one cared about them “saving” the screen.
It was flying toasters and people loved it.

Behold the glory of the once most famous screen saver:
(I’m not making this up! People paid money for screensaver packs and probably still do!)

Screen Savers are Love and Life:

Your arguments are not wrong … (lol)
… but completely irrelevant. (I’m so sorry! lol)

I think he means lock screen :slight_smile:

Yeah i don’t even use one of those on my PC, i have no need :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did mean lock screen :sweat_smile:

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