Please disable the screensaver when EVE is running

Very few games leave the screensaver active when they’re running, especially in fullscreen mode. EVE is unfortunately one of them. Can you please change this?

Because there are some AFK or semi-AFK activities in EVE, it would make a lot of sense to not have the screensaver activate itself when the game is running so we won’t have to rely on audio to hear how we’re being ganked while mining :wink:


screensave do exist still? i thought they are gone since windows xp. (i truely did, i dont even know that windows 10 has one)

but in all honesty… just turn off your screensaver. it has no uses in 2019. screensaver were orignally created for old crt screens to prevent images to burn into your screen wich simply wont happen with modern screens.

Dont mine afk, its really that simple.

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haha was thinking the same, if i would be a ganker i would look out for you know because of your screensaver :smiley:

You know what… that’s actually a good point. Now that I think about it, I can’t even really give you a reason why I use a screen saver. The panel can’t get an burn-ins anyway, it’s just… I always has a screensaver active and never thought about how pointless it is nowadays :thinking:

For any gankers reading this - I have now disabled my screensaver, equipped the deadliest combat drones and I’m always mining with my 50 friends flying capital ships. Just saying :wink:

I’m not apologetic of afk mining, but there are some pretty screensavers out there. I like to have it turned on for visuals.

Put something heavy on the shift button.
Or press the on/off button of your screen if you like to leave for a longer time.

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