New Wormhole Corp Looking for Fresh Bodies (no corpses)

Who are we?

We are a tightly knit group of people. We enjoy banter about industry, complaining about who has the least manufacturing slots, all while huffing our favorite gas in some far fetched wormhole, safe from the reach of pesky highsec gankers.

What do we do?

Industry, trade, refining, reprocessing, planetary industry, research and development, combat sites, pirate faction data & relic sites and those elusive superior faction ghost sites.

Where do we live?

In a c2 wormhole.

What do we require of new recruits?

Fresh ideas
Industrious attitude
Cooperative attitude towards corp-mates (lend a hand when needed)
15 million skill points, this is open to discussion, prior experience in wormholes will be considered.


Sarn Gebir