Newbie alpha player LF corp

Hello all.

I am new player, have some prior minor experience, but tbh. I forgopt almost all about game. THis time i would like to avoid mining carrer as much as I can and I am interested in other ways to have fun. For start I will stick with alpha, but i am planning to sub soon. I am looking for friendly corp that would help me with knowledge and gameplay. I do not expect free stuff for that matter but I like active chat (be it TS3, mumble or whatever) and I do like when ppl help cos with all those game specific chat arround I do not understand much of guides I found arround.

See you in game

P.S. I would like that to be Minmatar corp or alliance if possible.

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You are welcome to speak to Wishdokkta CEO from The Riot Formation about this [RIOT.]

Here’s a link to our recruitment post. Please speak to Wishdokkta for EU and Undeadenemy for US.

Thanks for quick reply, but it seems that I fail on skill point…I am only on 400k now. I guess ill be better standing in an week or two.

Please talk to Wishdokkta CEO anyway as we do have pilots who help new players. Trust me on that.

Thanks for offer but your corp looks like too much PVP focused…
I will wait a bit more.

Thanks for offer thou.

Hello Adriana You’re Dead Fool is recruiting active pilots. We accept alpha pilots. So if its a fun drama free environment with opportunities to learn and do pvp we are it. Stop by our in game chat .L2P. Recrtuitment or join our discord

Hello @Adriana_Solard :blush:
I hope that you have found your corp and if not then i´ll make my tribute :smile:

We are a very tight connected corp and have quite fun when we end up doing stuff. We are quite orginized and our future is looking bright. We have an active chat in discord as well in the game.

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