Nexis. Is Recruiting Wormholers (Alphas, Omegas and Veterans all welcome!)

Nexis. is recruiting pilots to come fly with us, make and lose ISK, and generally enjoy themselves.

✫ PvP - Small gang fleet\roams
✫ PvE\Fleet stuff
✫ Gas\ore mine
✫ Industry
✫ Newbro Friendly Free skillbooks\Ships…

What we offer:
✫ Alpha and new bro friendly

Who we’re looking for:

✫EU or US timezone

Want to know more:
✫ Join our public discord channel -

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bump to the top :smiley:

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bump, come pew things with us!

Bump. Hit us up in Public. Talking is free, you could make worse choices ; )

Bump, come hang out and kill stuff.

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boop! Join public and i’ll shower you with unwanted propaganda! :slight_smile:

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Afternoon Bump to the top, come join us in our public, see ad for mor info!

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Bump. Milk and cookies are lies! You will be forced to polish virx’ shoes. Come into our public to learn the proper routine :slight_smile:

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Swing buy the Pub, see what’s happening!

Let’s go down the chain together! Join Nexis Public!

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Bump to the top, come speak with us in the public channel!

Weekend is here! Stop by for a chat. Hit us up in Pub.