[N.E.S.T] New (WH) Corp looking for Serious pilots

༺[ :biohazard: N.E.S.T Corporation :biohazard: ]༻

New Eden Space Terrorists

We are the combat division of an up and coming Hegemony! Come join in the fun and take over this region + more!

  • 100+ active members
  • 24/7 Standing Fleets
  • Nullsec & Lowsec Roams
  • Defense & Escort Fleets
  • Structure Bashing
  • Industrial & Logistical Support.

Interested in learning more, join our public channel: N.E.S.T Public

Fly Safe o7
Anduin Matova
Chief Executive Officer
N.E.S.T Corporation

Still open for recruitment!

Bump to the top! Looking for good people, bad people, sexy people, ugly people… All people! If you are a newbie to Eve and are looking to learn the ropes, we are for you. If you are a codgy old vet like myself, we are also for you! We take all who wish to get rich and die trying! N.E.S.T. - JOIN TODAY!

We are still looking for anyone who wants to help build a fun, engaging group of people within eve and get rich doing it!

Back to the top! Still looking for anyone wishing to learn the game, blow some things up, poke at rocks, hell, even hauling is a thing.


We are still looking for players! Come join us.

Public channel “N.E.S.T Public”.

So i literally started today and ive gotten through the tutorial. Is that too new for you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We are still recruiting. Come be a part of something new!

Just a bit new. Let’s make sure you’re sticking around Eve and can fly something that can be useful and we can talk then :wink:

Still open to membership. We need more members to take on roles and help this new Mega Corp achieve its goals. Come have a chat to see if we are a fit for you.

We are still open all. We have leadership positions available for those that also seek something different in their playstyle.

Still open!

We are growing now, and still needing new members to come join the family. Check out www.nestcorp.org.


Looking for wormhole pilots!

leaving null due to all the mandatory fleets and my corp swapping alliances - 68m SP and a bit of WH knowledge - indy pilot here

Awesome, please reach out to us in game so that we can have a chat and see if we fit you.

Still on the lookout for experiences pilots with serious interest in moving into wormhole with a new corporation.

Still open everyone :slight_smile:

Hello all, our alliance is growing fast now, we’re soon going for the wormholes, so jump on board, come talk to us in N.E.S.T Public channel :slight_smile: