[N.E.S.T] New (WH) Corp looking for Serious pilots

Still recruiting :smiley:

Growing and still looking. About to be living in wormholes on a permanent basis.

Come be one of those founding members!

Still Open to Recruiting

Still recruiting fellahs!

Still open for recruitment, jump in!

~35mil SP combat pilot and a ~15m SP indy pilot with lots of experience in WH. Interested in joining.

Hey Lucent, will reach out to you in game. You can join our public channel N.E.S.T Public in mean time :slight_smile:

Still looking. For those of your asking on timeframe for us to be in a wh. We are estimating 3 to 4 weeks.

Still looking guys :slight_smile:


Hey all! Come check out out, growing stready, good crew of active members.

Bumping post :slight_smile:

Join us. Now.

We know you want to :wink:

Still growing! 250+ pilots to fly with.

Join join :slight_smile:

Still recruiting and growing all.

Join today, fun!