Established WH Corp Nexis. is Looking for newbro and bittervets to join us in WH Space!

Greetings Capsuleers,

Nexis. is looking for both new and returning players to come make that sweet sweet isk with us in Wormhole Space. Wormhole space is truly the Wild West of New Eden and this is where the true heart of EVE is!

We Offer:
Strong knowledge base - If you’re new, we can show you the ropes. if you’re bittervet, maybe we can show you something new.
Roams/Ratting/Industry/CONTENT!!- We do Industry, run ratting/mining ops, and pvp roams through the WH Chains
EU/US player base - we have pilots from Europe and US so someone will be online to find content with you.
Low stress environment - we’re not pushy like some corps, we just want to hang out and have fun. As long as you’re active, we’re happy.

Full API is required
Learn the Home Defense Doctrine Fits
Comms TeamSpeak and Discord
Drop a line here or join our Public Channel "Nexis. Public"
See you in the black!
AidenC - Nexis.

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Where can i join?

Join on our Public Channel “Nexis. Public” in-game and chat with us. Looking forward to seeing you in New Eden!

Also, I’ll send you a message later today when I’m online.

Bump up. Come join us in wormhole space

Nexis wants you to join us in wormhole space.

Come make EVE great again

Come Join us in “Nexis. Public” to learn more!

bump to the top! Come say hi to us!

Wormholes! We got 'em, you want 'em!

PvP roams, mining, sites, ISK! come join!

Stop by out Public “Nexis. Public” to learn more!

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